Capture Gimbal

Be a director of your own life is so easy

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trackingCompatibledirection changebeautifyphotography

No Shaking,
Start shooting like a Pro

Capture assists your phone in shooting, shaking
problem will be solved effectively. You can shoot
stable images at anytime and anywhere.

Auto face tracking,
capture your beauty


Multi-functional beautifying with app setting

Portrait extracting、magazine making
intelligent adjustment and one-key sharing

Time-lapse ,
enrich the beauty of time

Time-lapse photographing allows you feel the impact of
perfect combination of time&space.

One-key direction change

Switching the horizontal and vertical direction of the phone screen
(Click the power button for 3 times and move the shank leftward
45°to enter into vertical shooting mode. Click 3 times again and
move the shank downward 45°to exit vertical shooting mode)

Compatible with action camera

When in action camera mode, Capture will auto invoke
matched PID parameter to reach a faster reaction and
satisfy the shooting needs.
Compatible with Go-pro4/5/6 and the same size. (Note
the camera adaptor is optional)

Stable shots, wonderful capture

Capture adopts double sensors of high-precision Gyro and Magnetic Encode, assisting by advanced
Drive-Algorithm, has high control accuracy and faster reaction, ensure a stable shooting.

Zoom control, shooting freely

When under the Yaw follow mode, Zooming can be effected by
moving the joystick toward left/right.

APP Introduction

Remote control,
make shooting easier

Low-power dissipation Bluetooth has been installed, lightly press
to get a beautiful photo. (Note the Bluetooth controller is optional)

Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery

8 hours duration time, satisfy a whole-day shooting needs.

Introduction of Function Keys


Leftward/Rightward—Zoom control
(Under Yaw / Pitch Follow mode)
Moving Camera lens towards
Left/Right--- Under Fix mode
Upward/Downward -- Pitching
(Under Fix/ Yaw follow mode)

Bluetooth shooting

Click 1 time -- Shutter
Long-press for 2 secs -- Video recording

Power/Work mode button

Click 1 time ,then Long-press
for 3 secs -- Turn on
Click 1 time -- Fix/ Yaw follow mode switching
Click 2 times --Yaw & Pitch Follow mode

What is included in the packaging?

USB cable×1Battery×1Gimbal×1Manual×1Counter weight×1

Basic Information

Controllable Range


Tilt : 120°
Roll: 35°~+35°
Pan: 320°(CAPTURE)

Pirch speed :2°/s~65°/s
Yaw speed : 2°/s~180°/s
Angle jitter:±0.03°
Battery:18650 2600mAh
Duration time:About 8Hours

Charging time:About 2Hours
Max power:5V/2A
Charging temperature:5℃-40℃
Operation temperature:0℃-40℃

Applicable phone width:55mm-80mm
Applicable operating system: Android 4.0 and
above , iOS 8.0 and above.
Loaded Weight:100g~200g






USB cable & Clump weight




No warranty


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